Hi, I’m Louise, small thirty, and blessed mother and wife. My family is my cornerstone in everything. My faith too. Born in Cameroon, I grew up and currently live near Paris in countryland (yes wheatfields, twitter of birds, etc.). Music is everywhere in my life (starting with Gospel, Jazz and Soul musicl!). I am one of those who can’t help themselves to shake the head and hum all the time! Aggravating fact: everybody is reached by the same pathology at  home. Musicians or singers, just make your choice ! Photography has come urgently into my life at the birth of my daughter and upset everything ! It is the best way I found so far to keep everything that is precious to me! Indeed, just to keep them ALIVE !


I am a wedding photographer because I know the priceless value of the images you will get of this day and will be able to pass on. With those who matter most (Your “VIP”), you are going to share extraordinary moments! Together, you are going to laugh, cry, jump, to dance, to sing (everything is possible, especially during the party)! And I will be the favored witness (yes, let me complain about my working conditions)! So, my aim is that your photos are the perfect reflection of this emotional whirlwind! They must be alive, kicking and reveal what you have lived : your happiness, your joy, what has has done good to your soul. “Soul – Bliss” : you get it now ?!

At last, through wedding photography, I get the chance to travel. And I am blessed as I meet many lovers coming from different countries, cultures, speaking other languages ! Yes, I love multicultural weddings.


Looking for moments full of life, my approach of your reportage is definitely journalistic! So we won’t abuse of posing and staging. No ! Because I want to get from you spontaneity and authentic things. For that,  I am discreet and attentive to every little thing happening around you. All of this allows us to create vibrant pictures full of real laughter, real tears, real embraces ! Yes, real and bold emotions ! Together, let’s create living pictures !


If all of this matches with your waits, contact-me immediately!


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