From 1290€


From 250€


Where are you ?

I live near Paris.

What if we are planning a destination wedding ? Would you come ?

Of course I would ! My passeport and I are ready to follow you where it will pleases you, in France and abroad !

How many pictures do we get ?

Each wedding is different. But basically, you will be delivered around 350-400 pictures. The total amount depends on many thing : how long I will I be there,  how many events/ceremonies you are planning,number of guests, etc.

How long before we get our pictures ?

Your private gallery will be online within more or less 4 weeks after your wedding.You will also receive all the digital pictures on an USB key, coming with a custom designed box. But to help you to hold on (I know it is hard), i will be sending to you just a few days after some snapshots, just to give you the mood of your day !

Can you provide us a book ?

Yes of course. I think pictures only worth it if  they are printed, shown, shared ! When you’ll be 70 and would like to remenber your wedding with your grandchildren, you’ll feel blessed to have your album ! So if you are interested, let me know about it.

Do you work with a second shooter ? 

Usually, I’m alone. But depending of the conditions / your expectations, a second shooter may cover your day with me.

We’d love to have a movie from our wedding ! Can you help us ?

For sure. I will put you in touch with great and talented video makers I’ve been working with for a long time.

We want you as OUR wedding photographer ! How do we book the date ?  

That’s FAN-TAS-TIC and many thanks ! Send me immediately an email to ou leave me a sweet note here . Please, feel free to give me as much details as you can about your wedding/your project. Then, we will meet and have a hot chocolate. It is much more pleasant than reading emails. Otherwise, we will have a skype. You see : it is very easy ! Ican’t wait now to get some news from you !